Cugó Gran Menorca’s building dates back to two centuries ago, the Cugó name has derived from a family who at the time decided to reside on this island. We have kept the same traditional style as of the typical houses from Menorca. During the time which the refurbishment was undertaken to design and renovate this property, extreme caution was taken to make sure no damage would be done to the historical and architectural parts of the original building. Nevertheless, there has been so much detail to attention, in order to make sure that the transition in making this house into an amazing luxurious villa with all the facilities to make this a perfect location for your stay. Cugó Gran Menorca has incorporated both modern and tradition, giving you that Mediterranean feeling with a laid-back atmosphere. Even Queen Elizabeth of Spain has visited, on one of visits to the Balearic Islands.

Finally, in 2015, Cugó Gran Menorca opened its doors to unveil this new state of the art property and true paradise.