The best range of local Menorcan products prepared by our chef.

Discover Menorca through its gastronomy and treat your palate to an experience of originality, flavour, and signature cuisine.

In the kitchen of Cugó Gran Menorca, we put our faith in Mediterranean cuisine and concentrate on local Menorcan ingredients. All our selected ingredients are of the highest quality and are all prepared and presented to give our most distinguished clients a unique culinary experience.

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Enjoy the gastronomy of Menorca as you explore its local products including those with Protected Denomination of Origin, Mahón-Menorca cheese, Majorcan sausages, ensaimada pastries, and gin distilled according to English tradition.

At Cugó Gran Menorca we believe in the importance of organic products and use our own resources as far as possible. Do not hesitate to try our organic eggs from the free-range chickens of our estate, or enjoy our own wines with the backdrop of a unique sunset with views of the neighbouring island of Mallorca, or experience the intense flavour of our fruit and vegetables that only lovingly cultivated land can provide.

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