Restaurant in Minorca

Discover Menorca through its gastronomy, with our expert chefs’ delicious original dishes prepared with the finest local produce.

We focus on Mediterranean cuisine at Cugó Gran, sourcing fresh Menorcan produce and the finest ingredients to prepare mouth-watering and unique dishes for you. Choose where you would like to eat, form our elegant dining room with delightful terraces in the shade, by the pool, our relaxed barbecue area or your room.

Menorcan Ingredients

Sample Menorcan gastronomy, such as the delicious Mahón-Menorca cheese (with its own Protected Denomination of Origin), sobrasada sausage, ensaimada pastries, Menorcan gin – locally distilled, and a legacy of the British occupation.

At Cugó Gran Menorca we believe in the importance of organic products & making use of our own resources as much as possible .Trying our organic eggs from our free-range chickens which we have onsite  and are freshly picked. Try our vegetables and fruits, the cultivation of our food is of utmost importance, that is why our food taste delightfully delicious. Whilst sipping away on our own wines with a unique sunset overlooking our neighboring island of Mallorca.